We provide comprehensive research and statistical services

Our services range from hypothesis tests to predictive models, which are used to answer specific questions. Utimately,  the tools used provide a detailed insight into your data to create clear conclusions and motivate intelligent decisions.

Bridging between the data you have and the insight you need.

We assist you to deliver greater value and impact through expert presentation of your statistical results. Communication of result is as crucial as the analysis.


Our analytics services bridge between the data you have and the insight you need. We offer simple analysis and complex modelling depending on the clients' needs. Quantitative analysis and Qualitative analysis are all used to create insights


We deliver statistical training courses designed to improve skills needed to turn the data you have into a valuable source of information to improve and grow your business.

Data collection

Data collection affects the quality of the findings, hence it it always crucial to seek the advice of expertise in order to collect data you which can meet the objectives

Data mining

Traditional statistical methods will fail at some point, that is why data mining experts has to be your partner to extract information from big data.

Design Survey

Good design ensures that the data you collect will meet the objectives of your experiment and that your results will be unbiased.


Research & Analytics underpins scientific breakthroughs in various disciplines. Therefore, we are dedicated to apply statistical analysis to improve understanding and deliver practical benefits and solutions.


Modelling pinpoints trends and behaviour displayed by features understudy. We use techniques such as decision trees, Regression, Classification, Scenario building etc, to provide critical information

Data-driven solutions to practical complex problems

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