Using data to create actionable insights!

Academic Support

We offer statistical data analysis to support and progress your research. Engaging statistician at an initial phase attests that your study starts on a good shape. It gives you the confidence to collect data in a usable format, understanding how its going to be analyzed and reported. The techniques you use to collect, analyze and report data from academic studies and research projects are very important, hence working with trusted statistician can increase the level of trust in your findings and enable you to submit your work to high impact academic journal with confidence

Business Analytics

We offer data warehouse and business intelligence solutions that can be applied to drive decision-making. Our services are aimed at identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. We work with small to Large entities across various domains. Let us help you find the data you need or use the data you have more effectively. At Rigorous Statistics, it is our mission to assist you turn data into actionable insights for reliable better decision-making.

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare data analytics through business intelligence tools enables us to collect, analyse current and historical data to determine trends, patterns, improve outreach, and better manage diseases. We can also help to identify ways to improve patients care quality, clinical data, diagnosis and business management.

Public Sector

Data analytics help public sectors to identify specific cases in a wider group, prioritize cases based on risk or need, create early warning tools, make better and quicker decisions and optimise resource allocation. Our Data science team use algorithms, methods and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data through the application of advanced analytics.


Data speaks volume. Use data to deliver effective and efficient services. Analytics can be used to attract more funding. Furthermore, we help charity organisation to develop more detailed intelligence about the needs of their beneficiaries, we also do surveys to help organisations understand public opinion and identify perceptions that need to be changed. Data analytics helps in making the best use of funds, facilities and volunteers.

Agriculture & Environment

We employ analytics to understand the environment and our impact on it. In Agriculture, analytics support more productive.

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"Thank you very much with the work you have done. My supervisor is happy and request if I can share your contact with other collegues"​
Mkululi, MANCOSA
"Sorry for taking long to respond, I must say I love what you did. Thank you very much"​
Asiphile Mlatsheni, UFS
"I have published the paper, Thank you for your analysis and report. I will refer my students to you"
Dr Mukhwevho, Univen